When heuristics become rules

“He calls her by her name?!!!” shrieked mom, about my cousin’s friend who calls his mom by name.
“Yeah” spaketh my cousin
“Whats wrong with that?” i chip in
“Its wrong” decided mom
“Its not. Theres nothing wrong” I affirm strongly
“Would you call your dad by name?” she said as if scoring a point
“Yeah we would have, if we had been taught us to do so. If we were accustomed to it, we surely would have” chipped in my bro along with me.
“Yeah right” I added
“No no no. Thats blasphemy. You should not call your parents by their names.Children have no respect for their parents” telling me as if it was a horrnedous crime.
“So you mean to say someone who calls their dad by NannaGaaruAndi[approximates to PapaSirJi] had more respect for their parents than him?” i ask
“Thats respect” mom says almost understanding the point i raise
“Ma, love & respect is to be felt, not defined by how you address(them)” i end it.

Just kept me thinking, how dangerous things can get if we stop thinking.Mom had a point, but iron casing her point was what made the whole situation mercurially inflammable. IronCasing simple situations.

Very distantly related but Too lazy to post it separately

Whats strikes me is how people generally are judegemental. Or satisfy their need to be judgemental at every passing moment. The innate urge to not being able to stay non-judgemental, passing the judgements, comparing everything to our situation and vice-versa, the “percieved” need to stay competivite/comparative.

The innate urge to think and believe that we are the center of the world; the fact that all that we will finally amount to is just a speck of dust and that all we have for ourselves is only us.

Me for me.


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