My 2 paise..1

I am an avid fan of Ayn Rand. But not anymore. I like the characters she shows, the inherent power in them, the way they deal with situations … but as always there is this ominous but.

D~ : Why dont you like Ayn Rand?
P~ : Well, as i said its not i dont like Ayn Rand. Ive just grown over her philosophy. Her philosophy doesnt appear so appealing anymore.
D~ : But you used to like her right?
P~ : But i guess i grew out of that. I found that there are many discrepancies in her philosophy.
D~ : What!!?
P~ : Yeah, there are many things i cannot agree with her in her philosophy. Its her unilateral opposition to the state or any hierarchy. It resounds too much of her own personal hatred towards socialism and communism. Her own miseries appearing, overtly glorifying capitalism. Its almost like every problem with the woman is because of the patriarchy and the hierarchy. Some things are with a good intent man.
D~ : Hmmm…
P~ : Its her unilateral view that she takes of any State or Authority as evil in intent. That i cannot accept. Or her idea of everything weak as moochers. Its her view of anything weak or the state as evil in intent that i unsettles me. Many times its not the intent that is evil, but its the effect that is.
D~ : Speak on
P~ : Its just a method of saying that Indira Gandhi was the harbinger of corruption. Im not aware of completely of everything, but i would try giving her a benefit of doubt atleast for hypothesizing. Ill blame her because even she might not be the one responsible, i would need someone to point to. Its like when i speak of ‘I’, ‘I’ is not this body, but for all practical purposes, i would have to relate ‘I’ with my body.
D~ : Ok…
P~ : Anything is never necessarily evil in intent, but its the effect that is. The solution is to change as per the time, to change keeping in mind, that the spirit is intact and not the rule…
D~ : Whooooff! Greats session man. Good enough for the day.


5 thoughts on “My 2 paise..1

  1. Everybody grows out of Ayn Rand at some point.. at least most of us.

    Something probably to do with our fascination with the goodies and baddies toons and movies when we are young.

    As you grow older, you know how there is a colour called grey

  2. hmm…i dont know why i really like(d) Ayn Rand. Maybe coz the men were invincible and the women fighters? And as a starry eyed girl you always tend to look for the strong-willed guy who is worth all the fight u put 🙂

    But yeah, you do outgrow her after a point. Life is beautiful in black & white but i like the other colours too.

    One of my all time fave quote is — “To say I love you, one must first know how to say I” — Roark

  3. aaaah.. the lil girl takes time to comment on my site 🙂 yay!

    Ayn Rand is the vision of the utopia, with a word to match the action and the action to elevate the words. A vision.

    But its a vision of only black and white, not the b/w photographs but the black and white bitmaps, just a 0/1 and eliminates the greys completely.

    As a comp. sci guy, thats where most of the test cases fail, isnt it? 🙂

  4. hehehe…it’s not lack of time but more a lack of words on why i take long to comment 🙂

    Try posting gibberish and you would be astounded by my ‘commenting’ skills, if any :p

    Yeah, that’s true…it is too idealitic a vision to reflect in reality…a vision that has no place for imperfections…and that is not how we live, do we?

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