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These are my small comments and thoughts wrt to the ones shared here. This is just a mirror of the comments i put in there. Nothing more nothing less.

“When a religion begins to directly assualt social problems as targets, that is probably when it is time to quit that religion”

Religion at every outset tries to answer some painfully seething but logical questions every man tries to find answers for. What is he/she? Whats his/her identity? Why are they here for? How will their existence through the 50-60 years of their own life make any difference to anyone?

I guess trying to tell a full grown human that he was born of a broken condom might not be the best way to placate the individual’s ego 🙂

Its the need for identity, the fear of anonymity and the fear of insignificance are some of the very minor issues every creature with a knowledge of self has to deal with. As true as it can be, it is very clear that an individual has no role to play, he is but a speck of dust in the whole universe.

Its the answers to this identity crisis, that religions try to give a meaning to; to his own ego, that a religion tries to answer.

Hinduism as i understand tries to give an answer to everyone[based on their own individual capabilities] at every level. It tries to provide the required flexibility and also the required rigidity that can provide answers to questions that one poses. Its like the question bank that gives answers based on the questions we ask it. In this mode of generality, neither crystallinity nor fluidity can be its hallmarks.

Its fairly impossible to understand as how many can understand the basic philosophical premise that all they do might amount to nothing. They are as insignificant as any speck of dust can be. As tough it can be, it should also try to mask it with a belief of existence, of their own individual importance; of self-realisation.

What is the need for man to grow? Whats the need for spirituality, whats the need for a man to say he belongs to creatures of one kind, based on color, or geography or some belief systems? The sense of belonging is innate to every individual and hence the grouping based on the thought process[belief systems, i mean] might be biggest umbrella under which the most number of people can fit in, in a given scenario on earth. Any other system definitely becomes a subset of this [sex, geography, skin color]. The biggest superset is that of belonging to human race, and the bigger to that is that of all living systems. But i guess the religious system of Hinduism includes each and every being as an extension of an individual where the border between and individual and the environment they inhabit diminishes as he begins to probe deeper as per his own knowledge and understanding.

Also hinduism also tries to answer this by giving the man his individual place under the sun; to deal with his own life.

Im sure i havent told atleast one thing that relates to your post; and so am eagerly waiting for the philosopher’s stone you are speaking about.


2 thoughts on “Religion. Post Count ++

  1. Here is my reply to your comment, I just posted in my blog…

    I am not sure I understand you completely, so correct me if I am wrong. But I feel you are trying to suggest that “religion and identity” are inseparable. I am not sure you have understood my point here.

    What I meant to say is – Religion helps man find his identity. It cannot become the man’s identity itself. The comment from Indu M more or less serves as the answer here.

    Hinduism as i understand tries to give an answer to everyone[based on their own individual capabilities] at every level

    That is as much a problem as it seems like a solution. Because, Hinduism is sometimes reduced to what is best described by a phrase in Tamil – Eduppar Kai Pillai(like a child that is with peace with anybody who lifts it) . That is actually a phrase with a negative connotation.

    I feel to evolve in a religion, there should always be a restlessness where you are not satisfied by answers at a given level. Which means that Hinduism can never afford to satisfy people completely at any given level because that would prevent evolution – and it is a fallacy to think that it does. I feel the basic premise in a religion like Hinduism is not to give out answers, but to keep posing questions that helps you evolve through the levels. If the religion answers everybody at the lowest level, it falls prey to crystallization. It becomes an edifice with many floors and some people rest themselves at the lowest possible level and refuse to grow.

    I don’t think Hinduism is a religion like that. I feel what “poses today as Hinduism” is what you are talking about and I don’t agree to the people living on the lowest level refusing to move up.

    I don’t agree too – that there is something called an “individual’s capability” to evolve in a religion. That is as far as I am concerned a false ceiling – which we set for ourselves and people around us. For example, the Brahministic ethos believes that the lower castes “are not ready” to evolve – which I feel is just another pessimistic prejudice. More often, we are just awed by our own ego-built insecurities at not being able to think beyond – that we really dont think beyond. This is just a self-fulfilling prophesy – as I see it.

    And again, I dont think Hinduism is a religion that solves your identity crisis as well. Because, at the point where you really get your identity resolved, the question ceases to matter. At the lowest level of existence however, the identity crisis is more exacerbated than solved – as it stands today . (For example, the caste system, belief in a particular clique of mindless beliefs and rituals etc) Anyway, there is more to it than I can say at the moment – should wait at least till I finish my sequel post to this.

    Will discuss further after I finish that….

  2. RL,

    thanks for tearing apart the comment. It tells me that i have been completely incapable to put my thoughts into words.

    To put things in perspective, by religion i mean Hinduism.

    Now since thats clear we can go on with the rest.

    Hinduism as i understand tries to give an answer to everyone[based on their own individual capabilities] at every level

    Here level not a stratified level of intelligence, but that of a ramp where the knowledge is a continuous-process and not a destination. Yes, as you said, finally all the capability-limitation-result is self-fulfilling prophecy. The harder you try, the higher you get. So the more your question, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you question.

    When i said it tries to answer every man’s questions according to his own questions, here’s what i mean.

    A man who is worried abt the day to day struggle of survival will look towards his religion for answers that will effect him in his daily life and religion will answer him with the same ethos.

    Parents distraught with their children sons leaving them might be given the answer that everyone should do his duty without thinking of the fruits.

    Its not the stratified finesse in the questions that im saying religion helps you to find answers, its the ramping finesse in the questions you ask.

    The more exact the questions, the similar will be the answers. If people who ask say “why they are born?” you can have multiple reasons for it.
    [forget the answers given here, im using them just as illustration]

    1. Becase of sexual intercourse
    2. Because of karma
    3. And others. Or realization of atman
    4. Or cycles in everything.

    Religion helps you find answers according to the intent of the questioner. All of them are true as per the subject. But that doesnt mean truth is subjective.

    Most of the time the answers always depend on the questions we pose. Questions are the key to answers you get And questions are a way to refining the thought process isnt it?

    Yes, Hinduism at the outset is a thought system that finally at one time negates the existence of an individual solely and tries to bind all creatures in a single binding organism with a single thread of oneness [atman->brahman]

    Finally religion becomes a tool in the realization of the self. As it is, the theory of religion is itself where the individual becomes the observer, laboratory and subject of all his thoughts. Religion never tries to give him an answer. Its elusive and thats the way its supposed to be as it is upto the individual to reach the truth and that truth-searching process is i believe is true intent of god and religion.

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