ladiez sez

we create and you people know only to destroy


6 thoughts on “ladiez sez

  1. nothing particular. one of my close female friends told this.

    you guys[guys as in males] know only to destroy. we create[creation as in the power to give birth]

  2. 🙂 laughing along. you forgot the breasts?

    as for the wombs, i do remember reading about artificial wombs[placeta connected to tummies of men] are in place :O

    surely, men and women for procreation will soon be obsoleted. what will be the need of two obsolete species then? obsolete both of them. story ends 🙂

  3. @linux addict:

    lets not get into the flame wars yet again. both are equally important. both are equally significant. sometimes they are, sometimes we are. its just that together we lead a life, not through isolation but together.

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