Alien in my City

a: “Hey, how do i go to Imliban Bus Station?”
b: “Thats simple. Just go straight, Take a right, blah blah blah”

a: “Hey what route should I take to go to Golconda”
b: “Hmm…ok. Go to toli chowki en route Mehdipatnam…again blah blah”

a: “Which area is this?”
c: “MasjidBanda”

a: “Oh I must plan this time to see the zoo, museum, etc…”

a: “Are you free tomorrow?”
b: “Yeah, why?”
a: “Ive got to go to a place blaaah”
b: “Oh thats just like 15 mins of travel. Why do need me for that?”
a: *sheepish smile* “I dont know the place, you know…”

Generally these are the set of questions asked by a new comer to any new city. But as general as it can’t be, these are the questions that I often ask to newcomers to my city, Hyderabad.

Reason 1.
They are forced to explore all of the city

Reason 2.
They are excited enough to scan the city completely.

Reason 3.
Its because its a lazy me. What best a tribute to my city than to imbibe the sab kuch chaltha hai attitude of this place?

Reason 4.
Never felt the need to 🙂

But as you grow, the needs grow. Who was that who said “Necessity is the mother of direction…”?

Its funny that being a Hyderabadi i proclaim to be, never once in my cognizant memory did i see the “monuments” of this place, Golconda, Zoo Park, Salar Jung Museum, Kuli Kutub Shahi Tombs, Charminar…

As old a monument of zero interest Im, a novice to the city, Im still discovering things that I should have(as most of my friends complain!) aeons ago.

If I were to be measured on these metrics im sure Ill fall way back behind even a 10 month old. But then what makes me or for that sakes anyone a Hyderabadi?

Is it the one who knows it bones to bones, like the back of my hand? Or is the one, who can never get over it, slowly learning about it, sip by sip, relishing every drop?

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