It was the time of our EAMCET. For the people unaware of this, its the Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test[i guess im right] for admission into the engineering colleges of AP.

As we always are picky and pricky and complaining about the gross injustice meted out to the OCs boys like us who always get a rotten deal. with no reservations to back on, we always are at the mercy of the system, inspite of our merit.

‘Why do they(the BCs) have to get the reservation at all? They dont read, they have no talent, they have no merit and yet they get the seats reserved for them. Why is it? why?’ I was a pretty pissed of teen then.

Mom too added her own experiences at her workplace talking of the way less talented individuals get promoted inspite of lack of any knowledge and just because they belong to the SCs and STs.

“Do you ever understand how tough it is for a person and especially a child to clean the excrements of the higher caste people? Have you ever wondered the power of insult, how badly it can hurt the heart the tender innocent heart of a small kid who goes to school and other kids just prejudice him? Have you ever even thought the sort of deep stigmas it can leave on a small impressionable mind?”

“And even when you people talk about you guys getting a raw deal, you still dont talk about the 33% pc for women? So many girls wont even whimper about the reservations they get, but are vocal enough to talk about the reservations to these people?”

That was my dad speaking…as an answer to mine and mom’s questions.

All my questions just disappeared. What other way could we pay for the pain, that was perperated on them only because they were not born here in our place? Its unjust to us now, but what was done then was nothing less than barbaric.

That was the time that made me think of the gross inequities in the system that existed then [and exist even now, we havent evolved yet] and then the gross inequities that have perperated into the system when it has tried to set right, by an overzealous attitude of paying back.

–as in the words of RL–
Vision, commitment, strategising.

–now mine, continued–
When the constitution was drafted, im sure all these three had been in abundance and was right for the time. But then what went wrong? Isnt the Constitution, the holy ramayana of the indian democracy need change, to change according to times? Have we still not learnt that change is permanent and its the spirit that is to be carried forward and not the rule?


8 thoughts on “Payback

  1. There was a time, when I felt so strongly against reservation. Reservation like many other quick fix systems is a flawed one… because it is like a balancing weight added to a skewed balance.. it tips it over to the other side..and that is not justice.

    However, in recent years I’ve been thinking – In our present world do we have a viable alternative to caste based reservation? I have been thinking about finance-based reservations – but with a country whose economy is matched by a black-economy of at least half its size, where will it lead us to? When you talk of pure-merit, where will that put the rural students who do not have equal opportunity?

    Inequity is a problem that does not have an immediate answer. It needs vision, strategising and planning. Reservation is something that we should do away with at somee point in time…

    But a lot of ground work needs to go into it … before we can do that, and we are not ready for that yet…

  2. Bang on target RL.Ive begun to expect nothing less from you.

    Agree with you completely, what we need is a method of setting it right not through payback, but through a method of pay-forward.

    Vision, strategising and planning. Need of the hour.

    But it needs time and till then it will stay, should stay.

  3. Isnt the Constitution, the holy ramayana of the indian democracy need change, to change according to times?

    In fact, the changes have been necessitated by the constitution itself – by way of directive principles of state policy. Alas, since they are not binding, (for example – The right to education is a DPSP but not a fundamental right…) it is often forgotten as a reference for societal change. Every framework needed is in place. We only need correct thinking to put the right pieces into the right spot.

  4. I feel caste based reservations were a wrong idea to start with and I have not come accross anything to change that idea…

    Income based reservations makes much more sense…in this new age world,the only caste that is universal is Money

    I understand(though I have never witnessed) that a lot of attrocities have been committed against people of the lower castes…but in todays day and age-atleast in the urban areas-incidents where children of backward classes parent are not allowed do not occur…have money will teach…

    in an income based caste system,most of the mistakes would be rectified..I remember my neighbours son(sc/st’s)…they were a very well off family..2 cars..a couple of houses and that kind of stuff…he wrote the a poor rank…took a seat and payed rs.600 per year SINCE he was a SC….

    I am against this kind of blatant misuse..they could have easily paid for the seat…but NO!

  5. yeah, income based reservations make a lot of sense as you say; and it has been thought of too.

    but the way the proofs of the income are meddled with…we know how mutlimillionaires with lacs of rupees pass of farmers; because all the business takes place in black. i have seen tens of such instances. but as you say, yeah that is the way to go.

    but the discrimination still stays you know. how many ppl would marry of their daughter to a SC/ST boy or vice versa?

  6. I have often faced embarrasing incidents at family gatherings when I am not able to say which sub-caste etc I belong to(niyogis or vydhikulu or something of that sort)…to me caste does not really matter…

    why did I bring that up? A radical idea..intorduce the DRAFT…compulsary military service for all…all sense of caste/creed disappear when you depend on someone else for life ….

    a very radical idea …but trust me it will work..just look at me 🙂 a military child who does not know what caste stands for

  7. true. very true.

    dont worry you are in good company. till my eamcet i wasnt sure what caste exactly i belonged to. but now you know, all you do is neglect it. its just such a vestigial part of a person…

    what makes me shudder is its so easy to stick to the word that with the spirit of it. castes were a good idea to start with, as manu shaastra says, and then greed, power just corrupt the system…

    well, but you know what jaya? discrimination is such a part and parcel of nature. sadly, when is the last time ive seen white woman kissing a black male in a hollywood movie?

  8. now that you point out….I dont seem to be able to remember !

    except the most exotic of the bluer variety of films ….cant think of a single incident

    the shower of oscars on black actors/actresses too seems to be done with an eye to mitigating years of neglect…sorry if halle berry is someones fav actress..but she is not mine

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