As i was talking with my friends over things as varied as the curses of the eunuchs feared by many many of the people ive met; to the legend of snake memory…I was sitting there thinking
about trying to figure out a common link.

Sometimes i just think about the amount of stigma that is associated with eunuchs.This fear of their curse sometimes protects them from us human animals that we are.

Fear has been such an important tool of control in the Indian upbringing that we start using it from the time a kid is able to comprehend fear and till the end of the journey on his deathbed.

Mothers at the early age, feeding the kid morsels of food, tell all kinds of stories of beggars who would come and take them away stuffing them in some gunny bag; it they dont eat their food.Or shouting them not to go too far away as someone at the corner of the road would definitely take them away.

And then there are the classics that are about the amazing memory of a hurted snake. And the
more painful legend of the power of the eunuch’s curse. Why is here fear used here as a method to regulate our actions? The simple reason, i get is, the simplest emotion any animal(yes, we are animals) can understand is fear.

And that has been used effectively as a tool to regulate us. Or with the stigma that the eunuchs already undergo, would the people let them live(not live in peace, this they never had), if this fear factor was not involved.

And with the snakes, which are already feared for their uncommon shape, fear of them would have already put them alongside the dinos.

How sad we still have to use such a low-level emotion [a hallmark of animals] to regulate the actions of ours; how sad. The question i get is Have we really evolved?

That takes me on another tangential:
EGO is the fountainhead of all creativity
FEAR is the sinkbed of all control

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