Life goes on…

Two of my teammates left today. I have been working with them for the last 9(!?) months. It was a tough time seeing them off. What pained me more was the relative anonymity we share. I mean we know well enough, but nt well enough. I dont rue for their moving away, as much as i do for not knowing them well enough, to tell them how important they are to me.

Hardworking, sincere, modest, at times funny and technically loud [technically sound – technically good. so loud is more sound, right?], thats Venky for you.

Cool, simple demeanor, intelligent, thats Madhur for you.

Both of them are just couple of year(s) senior to me; so i could say was it a brotherly bond to me? I would definitely risk a yes there. That is what a prick would definitely diagonise me for.

Its tough to even describe what special feeling i had for them. Just the same, they were my comfort zone. It was the coolest place to be and to work, just because of all these three guys.

There were no simple special moments i shared with them. Or i fondly remember. It was just the most natural thing for me, to be with them, be in the office and say ‘hi’ the first thing to do in the morning. As i said, they were my comfort zone.

And the toughness of seeing them off was something i couldnt bear to handle. First time when i could feel the pain, the selfish pain of your own loneliness to deal with. And the pain of fear of not having the cool comfort of not seeing them the first thing tomorrow at office. For sometime or forever.

But, Venky & Madhur if you ever read this, just know, you mean to me more than you can imagine. A Very Sincere Thank you.

Its tough, but as i always say to others, and to myself for the first time life moves on…


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