“A powerful mind feels strong resistance from within when, at the time of accepting new truth, it has to change its former convictions.”

Im seeking solace from the words above. Why am i saying this? My convictions and beliefs have been challenged. Being an agnostic, for me the epic heroes have been my personal heroes. Gods, maybe for they have been better humans than others.

Of a purushottama,Rama an idol. Visages of Rama conjure up images of struggle with himself and with the outside world. Im fighting myself, churning and crunching any possible data i get that will give me a direction. Search the truth. Without any opinion of it. And not looking for hints that dont exist. And looking for lessons that need be learnt.

For my myself, Rama is always a hero of epic proportios. The question im asking myself is why?

Im in a situation where i need to get as much knowledge as possible, learn, interact, think and filter.

Im not sure what my decisions/opinions on this will be over a period of time. But one thing im sure, ill emerge more wiser than i am now.

4 thoughts on “turbulence

  1. I don’t know what to say to this without offending you or appearing to boss over… but at the moment you are the more valiant of the two of us.

    Coz, as I said, it is so much easier to question – and that much tougher to defend anything.

  2. RL,

    Nothing for me to feel offended about. I guess we both are trying to find the same thing…the truth.

    I guess i’ll try to defend it as much as possible. But whats greater than the truth?

    Thanks for the comment. Ill keep trying to defend from my side. And you keep attacking. And together lets play the game and have fun 🙂

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