My Sassy Girl.

sas·sy1 Audio pronunciation of "sassy" () Pronunciation Key (ss)
adj. sas··si·er, sas··si·est

  1. Rude and disrespectful; impudent.
  2. Lively and spirited; jaunty.
  3. Stylish; chic: a sassy little hat.


I dont know what category i will put this film into. Its definitely a cleverly made film with a lot of heart. Its definitely a love story. Its definitely sci-fi. Its a cleverly crafted puzzle.

Its the story of a student who falls in love with a girl whom he wants to take care, to cure her sadness. The girl, slaps him, abuses him, dominates him, and does things what a women generally not supposed to do. Like playing to win.

The movie begins as a comic one. And then slowly moves into confusing realms of funny anecdotes of a sassy girl and an obliging boyfriend. And then it changes all suddenly to a intense love story, their separation and the climax.

What stands out are the different levels the film deals at. The girls preoccupation with the female-dominated action movie scripts ‘Terminator Dominatist’… And her sci-fi belief in time machines, UFOs.

And a real behavioural attribute of most ppl. To not to get hurt more, act strong and not let feelings touch you. This is a defense mechanism used by many, me included. I could relate to this at a more conscious level.

A great movie which i would rank alongside ‘Serendipity’. It tells me, To be truly in love and live life fully, you have gotta be crazy.

There are some scenes which are forever etched in my mind. Like the scene, he goes and gives the rose in her class. Or makes a preparation for her birthday. Or wears her stilletos. Or her own crazy ways of living life.

The scene in which he says the 10 methods the prospective groom ought to do for her

. If she hits you and you dont feel pain, act like you are hurt.
.If it hurts, dont show it.
.When you go to a cafe, dont order coke, drink coffee.
.On your 1o0 day anniversary, go and give her a rose in class, she’ll like it.
.If her feet hurt from the stilletos, exchange them for your sneakers.
.If she plays, she likes to win…

Dont miss it.

Anyways, and then the words ‘I met a man from the future…’
The UFO that just appears for a moment on the hill when the girl goes to see the time capsule and then we have the old guy on the hill saying ‘so you are building a bridge of chances for your love’ and then again Gyenwoo saying the same thing in the end…! Get the relation there?

And the photo of first five quintuplets who are reported to be in the movie in different small roles.

Thanks for the information Suman.


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