— IIIT —

What can i say here? These 4 years of my life as a students untouched by the role of professionalism. Fun. Disappointments.

At the end, it turned out like nothing i ever thought it would be. It neither turned out exactly what i thought it would be like. But at the end, all i can muster to say is ‘Wow’.

I lived there. I learned to live. I learned to love myself, learn about myself. And the most important of all, the discovery of myself, strengths and weaknesses alike.

There’s quiet a bit of blogging activity going on amongst the students of IIIT particular the ju’s of our batch. And thats not surprising though, considering what a techie chaps they are.

Ill put in the consolidate list here soon….Do check this space.


2 thoughts on “— IIIT —

  1. Hi Shashank,

    Nice to hear from you after a long time.
    I totally agree with what you have written, I don’t have any words to sum up what these 4 years have been to me. These four years have been kind of an adventure, meeting something new and different everytime.
    You are right, only “WOW” sums it up.

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