What a mess & Other things

My first comments on some other’s site, and i dare say, it hasnt been so smooth. Things taken personally, and of course lessons for me to learn in blogettiquette. Whats funny, though, is Ive got my first readers and of course, commentors too! And of course, a link to my own blog from some others blog. Do have a look at the post referring me..me..me. Yoohoo! A link to my blog from some others, although for the wrong reasons…

Just the same, This when i thought, there would be no reader for my blog, and I thought it would be just a simple blog for my own self. So no point in linking my site to others.Good, seems like now i will be heard too! *thats dangerous*

Well, in the lack of any directly viewable emotions, guess words have to be chosen carefully. It almost felt like speaking to dad in the morning when he says we would have to follow some norms when living in society. Got me really irritated and feeling lost, first for the reason, that it was no way connected to what we were discussing. Second, how lame a reason it sounded to me at that time.

What was striking though, is the judgement that seems to be passed everywhere by everyone. Guess, trying to accept the unknown is something we are not yet conditioned to take. Maybe its an evolutionary need.

Like when in the blogevent yesterday, they pass a judgement on something. I write in response to that. And the other mails from other readers.And in the morning, when mom and dad feel that they have got to comment on someone, who may or might not affect their life or related to them in anyway… Is it some remote urge to get judgemental? Im still not sure what this means or entails. I just guess, im ready to scrutinize my viewpoints, given the right points.



5 thoughts on “What a mess & Other things

  1. I appreciate your mail and comments today morning, and I guess it is a good time to kiss and make up.

    Without appearing to pretend to be a seen-it-all, I would gently try to point out that getting judgemental on inanimate things is a little different than getting judgemental on people. I have been there on a couple of occasions and have learnt my lessons.

    I realise that religious epics are somewhat more than “inanimate” for a few and I too suspect that I overstepped a little in my choice of words in my initial post – and I hope to clarify a little when I will continue to discuss on your many valid points. And I share your belief that we will have a lot to share through blogs.

    BTW.. I liked your ‘Nostalgia’ post. You have a very good diction 🙂

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