The habit of taking for granted

Why do we take so many things for granted? I was asking this question so many times over the last few days? Why do we?

Like my mom and dad, how much ever i hurt them, i dont even care. Like for my younger bro, i just take him too much for granted. Or my closest friends…? Or the permanence of situations, events, or even our own life? Why do we take time for granted? The moments that pass by…Why dont we make it a point to not to let them just pass by? Why do we assume we have so much time? All for ourself…

Why do we assume so many things? And then suddenly when we are woken out of this slumber by some event..It has happened to me recently.Tears, pain and all that, that comes with it… realisation. And ive made it a point to not to do it. Again. Ever.

Its funny when i discuss this with my close friends, they said that how can someone be best friends, if we cant take them for granted? Is it? Is it the way it should be? Isnt it the other way round? To take more care of your own loved ones? Is this where we are all going wrong?

Why do we take the extra pains to make the strangers comfortable, but dont even care for own loved ones? Why? What do we want, why do we want?

Its worth giving a thought.

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