Me India US

US of A. India. Why do we need to go to us?

1. earn in dollars
2. learn the professional attitude there
3. makes for a good show-off
4. working in india and making in on your own is too tough
5. life-long dream
6. its the time for globalization!
7. better avenues for research
8. entrance exams in india are too tough for us

I just dont see any reason why i should go there..

1. Earning in dollars and spending in dollars. Doesnt make much sense to me. Earn in dollars, save it there, come to India, spend in rupees. Spend it here. Clever.
Question is. How many are/can really making/make it back?

2. Yup. We’ve definitely got a issue here. We’ve got to learn that. But unless the attitude doesnt come from the inside, and is more of a conformance, why? And do we have to go there for learning this?

3. Yup, definitely. But what about the personal losses here?

4. True. Very true.

5. Cant help this. Every eye has its dream.

6. Bullshit. Selling the sports there for $2 and here for more than 2000 isnt globalization. And what about the sals dear? The highest sals we get here dont even amount to a pittance there.

7. Definitely true but not always and not in all cases. We have world class institutes here.

8. The order of toughness of entrance exams for MS/MTech: GATE > CAT > GRE

My take, only those people who cant make it or fight it out here go there. This is my own personal belief. I want to make it big, huge actually and that I would want to do here, in India, with the people I know, for the people I know, I love.

I dont like US for many things that arent right there. I dont have neither the awe nor the respect or obsequeince that is expected for a country. Why? I dont know. Cause, in the scheme of things, its a country not bounded by any code of principles. Too confused.

India as i see it, is at the threshold of a complete makeover. The next 50 years are to usher in a new revolution. And i believe it with all my heart. And this is where i want to be. The centre of this action, I want to be part of the nation building process of my country.

If ever after talking all this, I ever go to US, it means Ive lost my battle. It means, I’ve accepted defeat.


3 thoughts on “Me India US

  1. Be prepared to work by rote to comeout in flying colors..(talking about GATE for

    and after that I’m sure u will end up in a MNC..most probs a US based company….&
    all the US bashing will stem u will see and know how an impractical vedantist u r..

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you. I dont mind being branded a vedantist. I know it myself.

    I only said about not going to US. I guess if you feel its a general bashing to US, god bless you 🙂

    Neither am i saying India is a great country. It was. And its on the threshold of becoming one again. Im ready to put my hard work in India.

    So i guess I’ll wait.

  3. I guess in US, ill always remain an immigrant. If i do find reasons convincing enough to move to US, i guess ill have to move.

    But im not so helpless to move there.

    Btw, do keep reading and keep posting comments.

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