Page 3 – My Review

“You can love them, you can hate them but you can’t ignore them.” This probably sums up the life of a Page 3 celebrity and the attitude of more serious-minded individuals{hmmm….} towards them. As for the movie, its about everything thats wrong with the page3 and where it should have got it right. Paedophiles, Drugs, Sex, Pitifully underrated IQ, Shallow lives, Lives that begin and end at the skin.

And what i got to see in Page 3 was exactly that, that which as a normal guy will never to get to understand. Or would not ever care to. The philosophy of ‘work hard, party harder’ is a great maxim. Definitely for people who really work hard at it and want to get the maximum out of life. But where does partying end? Where does a party animal end and a party monger takes birth?

Whats the infatuation with living the shallow lives without a purpose or a meaning? Probably, it is these lives that Ayn Rand calls the second handers or the leachers. And definitely its an affirmative nod from my side. Its the lives that they can or will never live for themselves. And the pity is these are the lives that are being heard by everyone. Or being forced to be seen, not heard.

Pitiful it may sound, thats the way it is.And finally, who watches these page 3 other than us? Who gives the papers this circulation other than us, the normalites?

Its funny, how true the words sound to me now… ‘In everyone of us, there is a exhibitionist and a voyeur. And the success of page 3 celebrities and reality shows prove exactly that’

Coming to the cast, Konkona Sen is the actress to look out for. If she bowled me out for her performance in Mr and Mrs Iyer, for this performance im blown away. Next stop, Amu.Some scenes were wonderful. Like the embarassment and the funniness in the whole scene when she giggles and a predicament between choosing to see and not see, when her boyfriend shoots for an underwear ad. Probably the only actress i’ll be yearning to watch out for. Cheers to an actress who knows what she’s doing.

With Sandhya Mrudul as the ambitious, high flying(literally), practical Pearl, i loved the performance and the high spirits she brought to the role.

Atul Kulkarni for raging that true fire and baring the truth. “You have to be IN the system, to change the system”

The actor as the perfect inspector, but i dont know his name 😦 Sorry, sir.

Boman Irani for the thoroughly restrained performance.

And all the page3 celebrities.

Good scenes/dialogues:

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”
“Hmmm…then we must see each other often”

“Next time lock the door” [You have to see the movie, to understand this context]

I was late half an hour for the movie. I didnt regret it much. So will go out again with my close friends.


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