Recenlty when i recieved a mail from my cousin who is now in Australia, i just went through experiencing the fun that we used to have. It was a small game we used to play, me along with my cousin, ravi and my younger bro keerthi. Our game was very simple and was heavily influenced by the movie format.

Ok, so lets go into the game shall we?

It consisted of three characters. A hero(of course, what would we do without him), the boss(what would the hero do without him?), and of course the stooge for the boss(what would the boss do without him?)…As we start the game, we had the hero getting up in the morn, brushing his teeth, washing his face, bathing too sometimes, and then having his breakfast. All this was mime of course, otherwise with the mess that would have happened, our moms would definitely have spanked us black and blue. he he he.

So I’ll take the pleasure of taking you into the story as we played. The English translation is there for you in italics.

H(Hero) : [having his breakfast]…
S(Stooge):[comes to the hero and stands in front of him] Oy, maa boss ninni rammanntunnadu. Hey, my boss is calling you.
H : Nenu raanu pho. I wont come, get lost.
S : [threatening] Raavaaa? wont you come?
H : Raanu I wont come.

So a fight now ensues between the two. Naturally, after a lot of dishoom-dishoom, the stooge gets beaten very badly. He goes to his boss to complain.

B : Entra emaindi? What happened?
S : Boss vaadu raanu annadu. Boss, he said he will not come with me.
B: Idiot, velli theesukoni raa, pho. Go, get him, you idiot.

So the stooge goes once again to the Hero. This time our hero gets beaten very badly. And the stooge brings the unconscious one to the Boss. And the boss orders him to be thrown into the Husain Sagar [that was the sea for us]. Exit the stooge.

Now the boss stands on the banks of the sagar and starts laughing loudly. The hero emerges as does in the films and they have a good fight. First the boss beats the hero up very bad, but our hero comes back and finally finisshes off the evil boss.

The best part of this game was that each of us got to win atleast once. But of course the hero, being the hero he is, won two times. Do i need say which character was more in demand? Anyways, with my cousin being the elder of the two of us, would improvise and bring in any additional ideas which we would incorporate in the game.

And we used to play this everytime we met. Generally in the morning, when the mothers are busy preparing the afternoon lunch, and the dads are having debates and discussions. And we never got tired of this…This was a definite hit among us.

Things change. Lifes changes. But the show goes on. We stopped there. But maybe ten years down the line, we will have our own kids play some game, maybe some online multiplayer, what say?

It was great fun thinking of those times. Think of it, it was only 10 years ago, but the sweetmints that we used to get for 2/- rs was something we could suffice for, for the rest of the evening(s).

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