Arz Hai. ‘Kya Karti Ki Kya ki’

Words that get to mind when ‘I’ think of Hyderabad
Dum Ka Biryani
Irani Chai
Ubiquitous Pan
Uniquely localised Urdu Dialect
Chalta Hai Attitude

I have been a hyderabadi for almost 22 years now, and its not without a tinge of pride and happiness i say this, I love Hyderabad. Its just so cool and callous. The callousness that you get to see at every level of the system everywhere, but sometimes, might be its just that the royal blood has so spread into everyone, its just impossible to make us lazy bums get to do something serious. But that will be a complete farce if the description just stops so. And i can go on. We never cease to amaze.

Now just a poem in the apna dialect 🙂

Hatha me hath milake,
Hatha me hath milake,
anguthi churake uno chali gayi,
abhi gale milne ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……

chay pine ko aake,
chay pine ko aake,
soccer churake uno chali gayi,
abhi full meals ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……..

pahalich mulakat me ,
pahalich mulakat me ,
five star me uno merkoo chuna lagai,
abhi date pe leke jao bolari,
kya karati ki kya ki……….

sagai sagai bolake,
sagai saagi bolake,
puri shopping karali,
abhi shadi shadi bolari
kya karati ki kya ki…….

Aslam Hyderabadi aka Anonymous

Watch out this space for more on Hyderabad. This is just a beginning.


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