Linux. The Next Phase.

As for my promised updates on Linux. My present love is Mandrake 9.2. And the one word to sum it all. It Rocks!!!

I reinstalled Linux after all the minimum install i did the other day to convert to a full install. The best things

1. xmms
2. mplayer
3. anjuta
4. Xfce
5. DM
6. cool wallpapers.
7. High stability.

Of course, there are still a lot of chinks that have to be filled into it before it can all the way with windows. But as an OS, Linux is _the_ most promising one on the horizon for me.

And for a console freak, and a stability drone, this is the place to be…

Im thinking of those times/days when i used to work in Windows. Nostalgia…sniff…sniff


6 thoughts on “Linux. The Next Phase.

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