Paradigm Shift

Long long ago…in a place far faraway lived a man once of dreams so big and so huge, people believed he was a fool. Some people still do. But he was what he was what he was, just aeons ahead of his times. He was just thinking in times and ways, no one ever dared thought existed or even questioned their reality.

Just almost every great person from every sphere i know of just hasnt been this : a true visionary. Like when i think about Akio Morito, Sony Corp, the words he said “No amount of market research would have ever told us that the walkman would ever be the success it was”. It was what it original is, it needs a quantum shift in thoughts and ideas and processes. In the same league fall all the legends before and after him, some greater and some less greater. I dont know. Its only that his name just struck me immediately as im reading his book right now 🙂

Well, all that is striking there is precisely the change, christened as “Paradigm Shift”. A paradigm shift is a change in idea by the inception of new thoughts where by all the current ideologies and thought processes just either go into extinction or conform to the new ideas radically.

I am almost in the search of these paradigm shifts in human thinking and the other algorithms in computer science to deal with problems effectively and efficiently. I somehow believe that the current methods for dealing with Collission Detection or AI are just so enormously time consuming and require so computationally taxing is ‘coz the basis itself is flawed. I have nothing to prove this hunch of mine. I only believe that we are heading for the quantum leap in paradigm shifts

Quote of the day I thought i was looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. But it turned out to be a train rushing towards me


One thought on “Paradigm Shift

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