Someday I’ll be a flower,
Beautiful and sweet.
Sharing the scent that fills all me,
to bee and the lass the smell me with glee.

Someday I’ll be a bird,
Heavenly and free.
Flapping the wings I shall soar so high,
happiness that’ll spread in everywhere I might try.

Someday I’ll be a tree,
Motherly and green.
Shading the tired traveller who rests under me,
And playing with the kids that jump all over thee.

The flowers and the birds
and the trees in me
in the hues all worse,
the devil jumps in glee.

Haughty and aloof
like the flower thats perched
on the branch at the top,
Love with the self and all in vain.

Fickle as the bird
that moveth with seasons that change
from the south to the north
and then way back down.

Green as a tree
the monster cries in thee,
envious of others
and drowns in jealousy.

But until that day I shall stay a man,
waiting for the day I shall reborn.


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