Gmail. At last!

Since the reports of google going online bigtime into the mailing service with its 1 GB mailboxes, free on the first day of April 1st was something I always looked at with skepticism until my gmail happened…

Gmail is now a new community in itself. I don’t really what we are upto but 1 GB is still something of a surprise to me even now. Gmail is now officially the ‘want and need’ of the geeks. It really is. Earlier to me an email address was a need to know basis. Not anymore. Now gmail is more of a need. A need of the hour. The 1 GB mail is too hard to resist. And coming with are many questions of privacy, text-ads and stuff. Never mind I might be mightily pissed off soon. But till then revel in the fun of the gmail.

And the icing on the cake was, all gmail asks is first-name and last-name. Then why the hell do yahoo and msn and others need all that information from me. More often than not, I tend to be careful and try to be as much less truthful as possible. Believe everything, but trust nothing

Now IM officially on gmail…woohoo.
All in smallcase. This is just to push off the Web-crawlers.


Hopefully i can do the bit to the community by referring to some of my friends and associates. But what the hell im still rocking in gmail.

But for gmail i had to install mozilla 1.7 from an earlier mozilla 1.2….I still want to have my Firefox on Linux to run but lets see, there is some gtk lib missing. Gotta checkout.


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