Hitting the Bottomless Pit

Have you ever felt like you have hit the rock-bottom? Not the bottom per se, but you seem to be just going on and on and on…deeper into the bottomless pit. and just when you thought you’ve hit the rock bottom, something happens and you find yourself a few notches deeper.

and then again when you seem you have managed to scrape a few notches up the dark slippery walls of the well, you again slip down the walls and return to the same place where you started, only a litte more deeper.

all it takes to push you out of this comfort zone of yours is the awareness.The awareness that you dont know where you are heading to. Well of course maybe a few years down the line you know what damn you want to be, but the point is you dont know what you are doing right now. And what you are doing right now is right or wrong! If the things that you are doing now will take you where you want to be.

Or worse still, if you have no faint idea why you are here in the first place? and worser still, if all around you find ppl, who just seem to be crystal-clear about what they want, where they are and where they are headed to!!! and you seem to be the only one alone in the universe in the wrong place and in the wrong time.

And idling the time away bestowed upon you by higher powers that maybe. Any answers?


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