The Stranger

Agony is what that is found in the most beautiful experiences known to humans – Love. Love without doubt is a cornucopia of feelings. Living in the bliss of happiness of the significant other is a wonderful feeling. But sometimes they get hurt. And we do too. And that is when in one of the times, when she said that I was no longer the one she knew, that I was now a complete stranger to her…that this one just came up.


The eyes aren’t the ones I fell in love with
Nor is the voice the one that chattered for hours unending
You are the one no more
The one in you i know no more

The shoudlers arent strong anymore
The ears for once arent patient no more
The smile’s aint the one i fell in love with
The pain in love is cruel in its zenith

Time had played its cruel cards
Wrecked on you its wretched trumps
The wounds of fate has bruised your heart
All that remains is a mortician’s art

Gone is the love for me that you were once full of
Lost in the sands is the heart of mine
You are the same one no more
In you I see my love’s demise

The sweetness in your lips I taste no more
The love in your eyes I used to adore
The one in front of me I fail to recognize
For, a stranger is before me is what i realize…


5 thoughts on “The Stranger

  1. Do you have an Rss feed to subscribe to. If can ever get my aggregator to work I’ll be set. It may be because I’m spending so much time reading about ##KEYWORD## . It’s been an obsession for the last year now. Sorry, I’m thinking aloud and probably boring you with prototyping thoughts.

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