National Language. Culture and Tradition

Being a diversity that India is, it comes as no wonder if I begin to wonder about the future of the culture and tradition of my own regional language. For instance each state has its own unique language. Each of this language has its own unique tradition and culture and is firmly based in some socio-economic-ethical-philosophical reasons. I value my own Telugu tradition and regard it very high and would do everything to conserve this treasure. But, but, in such a situation where the future is towards the unification into a global citizen how can we still conserve our own traditions? Does making a language a national language ensure its future? On the contrary how justifiable is it to ask for making a language a national language only because we want to conserve it. This considering the fact that most of the regional languages are a minority.

Language to me is always a tool for communication and expression.

I for one believe that a language that cannot be spoken by the majority might have already lost its claim in the annals of history. For eg Greek and Latin have just melted into the sands of time just precisely for the same reason. But steps must be taken to ensure such a treasure here is not lost. It might then become the role of the state governments to ensure their treasures of language, tradition and culture are not extinct. And the current wave of youth, senior citizens too, should feel proud of their culture and traditions and uphold them. But we have to remember that, finally, in spite of all our differences we are one.

We have already lost wonderful treasures of varied traditions by our short-sightedness. Such traditions and cultures are a part of a national treasure. But in this steps of conserving our own cultures and traditions let not jingoism play havoc with the national thread of unification. Respect other person as a human, a friend if possible. Dont impose your language on others. Let them speak their own.But _you_ as a person must not forget your own. Live and Let Live.

Its tough but its aint impossible either.


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